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Good Morning, Neighbor by Davide Cali and Maria Dek

Good Morning, Neighbor by Davide Cali and Maria Dek

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A sweet, illustrated tale that starts with an egg and ends with the perfect cake to be shared among friends.

One morning, a mouse decides to make an omelet. There's only one problem. He needs an egg. Where will he find one? He knows, he'll ask his neighbor, the blackbird. As it turns out, the blackbird doesn't have an egg, but does have flour, and an idea.

And thus begins the journey through the neighborhood, as the mouse's original desire for an omelet, and related quest for an egg, turns into a new idea for a cake, with each ingredient contributed by a different neighbor.

Not only does the mouse find all of the edible ingredients he was looking for, but also the most precious ingredients of all-community and friends, from a hedgehog to an owl to a raccoon. Along the way, he learns about the importance of asking for what you need, sharing what you have, and being open to new ideas.


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