Collection: The New

Welcome to THE NEW. We began in 2016 with a mission to inspire children to embrace the world with open arms, confidence, and amazing style. We believe that the clothes we wear can be more than just fabric and seams. They can be a source of strength and confidence. Therefore, our designs are carefully created to highlight children's personalities, encourage their bravery, and give them the freedom to be authentic. We design clothing for children aged 3-16 years, and each collection is inspired by the world around us.

We believe that we are all stronger together, which is why our designs often carry a message of diversity and friendship. We value differences and believe that all children are cool just the way they are. We want to give them the opportunity to try something new, challenge the norm, find comfort in the classics, or mix it up to create their own unique style. As we say, the sun will always rise again and bring new opportunities.

To make THE NEW clothes truly special, we put extra effort into the garments’ graphic expression and details. The print patterns and motifs are modern and stylish, often infused with a touch of humour. We also incorporate beautiful embroideries, reversible sequins, uplifting statements, soft terry applications, or sparkling threads to give each piece of clothing a special expression that will excite children.

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