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Jared + Emma started making toys for their own children six years ago. As two creative people it seemed like a natural thing to do, and there is nothing better than watching kids play with something we have made ourselves. They've always dreamed of offering their toys for sale and are over the moon to be turning that dream into reality.

Jared is the woodworker. He cuts, creates, shapes, and sands all of our toys. We design them together and then he takes them outside to work his magic.

Emma is head painter and organizer extraordinaire. She could technically help with sanding, but finds it boring. Instead her creative energy goes into painting and finishing the toys. It is wonderful to watch them come to life.

We have five children ourselves. That's a lot of children! We run all of our ideas by them and they are dedicated product testers! It's a busy household but so full of love.

Above all, our toys reflect our hopes and dreams of childhood play. We believe in magic, in nature, and wonder. In whimsy and imagination. It is our greatest hope that each toy we make becomes part of the beautiful adventures of childhood.

Bumbleberry Toys are carved and painted right here in Calgary, Alberta.

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