Ravenswood Rhino Sweatshirt


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Wow, you usually don’t see those up close! Super cool sweater with an all-over rhino print. The Ravenswood sweater features a comfortable fit, and the stretch in the soft cotton makes it lovely to wear. This print is also available as a T-shirt. This item won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice for yourself, but also for our planet. By using recycled materials, we not only reduce the use of water, chemicals and pesticides, but also increase the use of environmentally friendly raw materials in our products. Everything in the Noppies Kids collection can be combined, so you can easily allow your little ones to put together their own outfit.
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Sustainability This clothing item consists of 30-50% recycled fibres. This minimises the impact on the environment. This means you can be sure you’re making a conscious choice both for yourself and future generations with this item of clothing.
Article number 3510211-P624
Color detail B0286 Oatmeal Melange