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Little Larch

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Little Larch Playdough is made without the use of synthetic dyes or scents. They use only plant-based dyes (like beetroot and turmeric!) and our playdough is lightly scented with essential oils to provide a calming experience. 

Wherever possible, their products are packaged with recyclable + reusable materials. Made in Calgary.

We are passionate about play-based learning and have created our playdough to encourage creative play, sensory learning and fine motor development.

 125g jar



Lemonade dough is brightly colored with turmeric (yes, that's right!) and scented with energizing lemon essential oils.

Sweet Orange dough is colored with annatto and scented with energizing sweet orange essential oil.

Ballet Slipper dough is colored with pink clay and scented with a calming blend of lavender and sweet orange essential oils.

Lavender Love dough is colored with purple potato (yes, that's right!) and scented with calming lavender essential oil.

Lakeside Lemon dough is a beautiful blue colored with spirulina (yes, that's right!) and scented with lemon essential oils.

Alpine Mint dough is colored with spirulina + turmeric (yes, that's right!) and scented with energizing spearmint essential oil.

Galaxy dough is colored with food-grade charcoal and scented with a blend of lemon and sweet orange essential oils.